Since BSCX token is one important way to support the development of LaunchZone, sustainability and stability are highly prioritized. Therefore, 75% BSCX is locked for one year to guarantee the benefits of both the holders and the ecosystem. The one year mark is counted from the IDO day of BSCX, which is 26th October, 2020.

By having most BSCX locked in the pools, the price and liquidity of BSCX are protected from the risk of having too many people cashing out simultaneously, which may result in a big dump and destabilize the whole ecosystem. With a farming pool enabled to ensure the liquidity of tokens and its safety for a predetermined period of time, investors can farm without the fear of an unexpected dump. This is what makes BSCX pools attractive to investors. The cash flow of new investors shall expand the pools and the continuous flow of new funds prolongs the vitality of the liquidity pools.

After one year, the locked BSCX shall be returned to the Liquidity provider’s wallet address block by block. In other words, all the farmed BSCX shall be returned to the farmers, but the locking period of one year makes BSCX a great mid-term and long-term investment, especially for early farmers. Also, the lock allows the Dev team to access necessary funds to develop the ecosystem. 

In conclusion, the one-year lock of 75% BSCX is a smart solution and is beneficial to all stakeholders of LaunchZone.